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The definition of bullying is defined as overt, unwanted, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications or images transmitted in any manner (including digitally or electronically); physical acts committed; aggression; or any other behaviors committed by a student or group of students against another student with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the targeted student, creating for the targeted student an objectively hostile school environment that:

places the targeted student in reasonable fear of harm to his or her person or property;
has a substantially detrimental effect on the targeted student's physical or mental health;
has the effect of substantially interfering with the targeted student's academic performance; or
has the effect of substantially interfering with the targeted student's ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the school


You may also report a bullying incident or safety concern by calling 317-532-3049 and leaving a message.

Victim's School 
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