Files contain suggested schedules with links to video lessons and student choice boards for May 26th - May 29th.  May 29th is the last day of school for all students.  

Virtual Community Time meeting links will be sent to you by your's child's homeroom (K-4) or Core Connect (5-8) teacher.

You can access our Parent & Caregiver Frequently Ask Question sheet here.

Teachers are available 9am - 4pm Monday through Friday to support students.  You may also contact our Learn at Home hotline at 317-608-0545 or email msdwarrenelearning@warren.k12.in.us

Grade Level Link to Download
Pre-K PreK - Week of May 26th
Kindergarten Kindergarten - Week of May 26th
1st Grade 1st Grade - Week of May 26th
2nd Grade 2nd Grade - Week of May 26th
3rd Grade 3rd Grade - Week of May 26th
4th Grade 4th Grade - Week of May 26th
K-4 Functional Academics K-4 FA - Week of May 26th
K-4 Life Skills K-4 Life Skills - Week of May 26th
5th Grade 5th Grade - Week of May 26th
6th Grade 6th Grade - Week of May 26th
7th Grade 7th Grade - Week of May 26th
8th Grade 8th Grade - Week of May 26th
8th Grade + Algebra 8th Grade + Algebra - Week of May 26th
5-8 Functional Academics 5-8 FA - Week of May 26th
5-8 Life Skills 5-8 Life Skills - Week of May 26th

Student Choice Board Expectations:

  • Complete at least 1 activity per subject per week

Recommended Work Times by Grade Level (maximum working time listed)

PreK - 30 minutes per day

Kindergarten & 1st Grade - 45 minutes per day

2nd & 3rd Grade - 60 minutes per day

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade - 90 minutes per day

7th & 8th Grade - 30 minutes per subject or 3 hours' max per day