By Indiana regulations, school districts may only administer three types of referenda: Operating, Capital, and School Safety. To date, MSD Warren has conducted only an Operating Referendum. The initial referendum passed successfully in May 2018 and was subsequently approved again in May 2023, thereby repealing and replacing the 2018 referendum.

The fiscal year 2024 runs from July 2023 through June 2024. Property tax collections at the new $0.30 rate will begin in May 2024, generating approximately $11 million to enhance the educational journey for students at MSD Warren Township.

Fiscal Year 2024 Expenditures

Safety & Security

Assuring the safety of our students & staff is not something we can spare. School Resource Officers (SRO) and School Safety Officers (SSO) are supported through the referendum.

Allocation for MSD Warren Township SRO and SSO wages and benefits, security supplies, and classroom safety kits.

Teacher/Staff Retention & Family Engagement

Retaining/recruiting teachers and staff with competitive wages and benefits, supporting family engagement initiatives, and providing staff with essential professional development.

Enhance base pay for hourly staff and measures for retaining and recruiting personnel.

Student Learning/College & Career Readiness

Providing counseling services for all grade 5-12 students and incorporating outstanding college & career readiness programming throughout our K-12 curriculum.

Allocated for wages and benefits for certified counseling positions, surpassing state averages in student/counselor ratios.


Ensuring that our students have safe and reliable transportation to and from school, for extracurricular activities, and student field trip experiences.

Provided compensation for 41 MSD Warren Township bus drivers and monitors.


Engaging students in new and exciting ways by maintaining 1:1 student and staff devices, and updating classroom technology.

Invested in up-to-date devices, and software. Expenditures will reach the $1.5 million budget in FY2025 as ESSER funding phases out.