The School Board, by adopting this student success handbook, is indicating to students, parents/caregivers, staff, and the community our desire to provide a positive atmosphere for learning. It is our intent to ensure that students’ rights are respected and preserved during the pursuit of their education and to encourage self-discipline in this endeavor. When it is necessary for staff to take corrective action, it is to be done justly and fairly. This written document outlines the framework that will be used in the Warren Township Schools. It is governed by the Board of Education and the laws of the State of Indiana and the United States. It also outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior allowing the students to adjust to the school environment in an acceptable way. The Board of Education expects the atmosphere in each school to be positive for all students and supports all fair action necessary to provide this positive atmosphere. The Board also encourages the public to read this document and to be aware of the rights and responsibilities of Warren Township students.

Board of Education
MSD of Warren Township