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Envision Day

How often do we get the chance to dream, and to dream BIG

The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, in partnership with Ford Next Generation Learning and EmployIndy, are excited to provide an opportunity to do just that! Come dream with us!

Envision Day aims to engage key stakeholders, including students, teachers, building leaders, district leaders, parents, and community partners, in discussion and to reach consensus about what we want in the MSD of Warren and in our community for the future success of our students and workforce. 

Focusing on "the day after graduation," how can we ensure ALL Warren students are prepared for, and have tangible evidence verifying and validating their readiness for: 

  • Enrollment

  • Enlistment

  • Employment

As we consider the Next Generation of Learners, with a realization that current Kindergartners will graduate in 2036, what knowledge, skills, attributes, and experiences do ALL Warren students need that are critical to their future success, regardless of what path they choose?

Collectively, we will determine: 

  • Our Why

  • Our Shared Vision

  • Our Shared Expectations

Which will lead to:

  • Building the foundation for our next Strategic Plan to Invest in the Future of our Graduates around creating an intentional K-12 college and career readiness framework, using a community-connected approach, so that students can Explore, Engage, and Experience. 

We need invested stakeholders like you as we embark on a journey to transform the student experience K-12 in Warren! Thank you for dreaming for, and investing in, the students of the MSD of Warren Township!


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