Dr. Tim Hanson, Superintendent

Ryan Russell, Associate Superintendent

Marques Clayton, Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Parkinson, Chief Financial Officer

Ruth Nelson, Purchasing Administrator/Operations Asst.

Jerry Crites, Director of Facilities

Steve Jewell, Asst. Director of Facilities

Greg Wert, Asst. Director of Facilities

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A strong focus on Safety and Security. Securing front entrances, replacing cameras, reconfiguration of traffic flow for student drop off and pick-up. Also, improving visitor management, not only in our buildings but parking as well. We will be addressing much-needed site work and infrastructure at each location promoting the integrity and longevity of each site. Equalizing nine K-4 buildings with moderate to heavy renovation/improvements, and giving each building provisions for STEM opportunities for all students.

Construction is occurring over three phases, with an impact on six different buildings.  The phases are:

Phase 1:

  • Complete renovation of Lowell Elementary School.

  • Modernization of the Warren Central High School campus, including parking lots, roundabout installation, upgrades to performing arts spaces, and an improved Hall of Fame.

Phase 2:

  • Complete renovation of Grassy Creek Elementary School.

  • Complete renovation of Pleasant Run Elementary School.

  • Security improvements at Warren Central High School and Walker Career Center.  This phase will feature updated main entrances for Warren Central High School and Walker Career Center, relocated main and counseling offices, and improved learning spaces at Walker Career Center.

Phase 3:

  • Complete renovation of Eastridge Elementary School.

  • Complete renovation of Hawthorne Elementary School.

  • Mechanical, HVAC, and learning space improvements at Warren Central High School and Walker Career Center.

CSO Architects:

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, CSO is one of the state’s largest and most reputable design firms. While our portfolio is very diverse, we are specifically focused on the following market sectors: workplace; healthcare; manufacturing; logistics; K-12 education; and higher education. CSO offers a diverse range of programming, planning, architectural, and interior design services. In addition, we work with a variety of consultants to provide the highest quality and most suitable professional services. We have been extremely proactive in partnering with Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) organizations. Partnering with our consultants not only enhances our total design approach but also enables us to contribute to the greater diversity of our project team.

Skillman: Construction Manager


Skillman, founded in 1972, head-quartered in Indianapolis, housing 84 full-time employees is committed to providing the best project administration and construction management services in the central United States. Harold Skillman founded the company with the aim to “build relationships, not just buildings,” and we continue to operate by that belief. We engage in the “Best Value” formulated bid strategies to assure the right contractors are chosen. We have a thorough process when it comes to supplier diversity with a teamwork approach, placing the needs of the owner first.