2021-2022 COVID-19 SAFE Opening Plan

Updated 9/3/2021

COVID-19 data, along with MCPHD, IDOH, and CDC guidance, will be monitored on a frequent basis. Each month, these safety protocols will be reviewed, and adjustments to the plan will be made as needed. District COVID-19 data will continue to be reported to the MCPHD and posted on our website.



  • Per federal mandate, all MSD Warren students and staff are required to wear a mask on school busses. 

  • All students, staff, and visitors are required to wear a mask inside of MSD Warren schools.

    • Mask use flexibility may be implemented in the classroom when students are facing in the same direction, and social distancing of at least 6 feet is possible. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.

    • Masks must cover the nose and mouth.

  • The use of contact tracing, quarantining close contacts, and isolating individuals with a positive COVID-19 test will continue.

    • Contact Tracing School Setting - When both people are masked an individual is considered a close contact if they are within 3 feet of a positive person for greater than 15 minutes. MSD of Warren Township requires students to be masked in school settings whenever they are within 3-6 feet of one another. Warren Township students will not have to quarantine when they are identified as a close contact in a school setting as long as they are masked and asymptomatic. Close contacts in school settings should self-monitor their symptoms and isolate if they should start to develop any symptoms.  School settings include both classrooms and busses but exclude cafeteria settings.

    • Contact Tracing Non-School Setting - An individual is considered a close contact in a non-classroom setting if they are within 3 feet masked or 6 feet if unmasked of a positive person for greater than 15 minutes.  Close contacts in non-classroom settings will be required to quarantine for 10 days from the last exposure.  

    • Quarantine  - May be required when an individual is identified as a close contact.  MSD of Warren Township students will not have to quarantine when they are identified as a close contact in a classroom setting as long as they are masked and asymptomatic.  They may, however, have to quarantine when identified as a close contact in other settings (bus, lunch, extra-curriculars).  Quarantines should last 10 calendar days from last exposure.  

    • Isolation - Required when an individual has tested positive for COVID-19 or develops a fever of 100.4

      or above and/or one or more of the following symptoms: sudden onset of a cough, sudden onset of shortness of breath, or sudden loss of taste or smell, individuals should remove themselves or be removed from situations where others could be exposed/infected.

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  • Parents / caregivers will be required to screen their students before coming to school each day. All MSD Warren staff are also required to self-screen before coming to school. Students and staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained, are prohibited from coming to school / work. If symptoms become present at school /work, individuals will be sent home. 

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  • MSD Warren Township has a partnership with Community Health Network in which they provide all Warren schools with full-time certified nurses. All nurses have been trained to work with COVID-19 related situations. 

  • Each school building has a nurse’s office for daily medication and routine health issues. Any individual experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be cared for in a separate designated room.

image of two people with arrow between to indicate social distance

Social distancing of at least 3 ft will be implemented when practical and possible in all school environments.

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Water fountains will remain in use for refilling water bottles only.

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Frequent handwashing will be required for all students and staff throughout the school day.

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Hand sanitizer will be made available in classrooms and common areas when hand washing isn’t possible.

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  • Communication to students, families, and staff will occur on a frequent basis through our district website, ParentSquare, school newsletters, phone messages, and social media. If more information is needed, please contact your child’s school.

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  • Moorhead Community Resource Center, 8400 E 10th St., is ready to serve and meet the needs of our students and families. Families can call 317-608-0545 or email with requests.