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Nationally, Dual enrollment programs are increasing college enrollment and completion by giving K-12 students a head start on higher education or job preparation. Studies also show the very students who might benefit the most from taking free college courses while they're still in high school and shortening their path to a post-high school degree or certificate have, by and large, not benefited from this aggressive growth.

Supported by funding from the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI), InnoPower has launched the Talent Rich Initiative, a partnership with Warren Central High School, Walker Career Center, and Ivy Tech Community College to strengthen the education-to-entrepreneur pipeline for Career Center students.The course offers dual credit and will focus on building an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to navigating life and building a startup business. Students will be challenged to consider the appropriateness of an entrepreneurial career by conducting a personal inventory. They will identify and evaluate ideas while learning the steps and competencies required to launch a successful new venture. Much time will be spent doing work outside the classroom, meeting with potential customers, mentors, and key stakeholders. The students can launch businesses and earn 16 college credits (Full semester).

The entrepreneurial mindset is the inclination to discover, evaluate, and exploit opportunities. As new challenges have emerged to solve, and as the world becomes more globalized, teaching entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset is more critical than ever as students will need to build the skills of an entrepreneur to solve complex problems and compete in the global economy.

"We know opportunity is unequal in urban cities like Indianapolis. Those trapped in poverty live with little investment, low financial services, and almost no ownership. In other words, we don't have poor neighborhoods as much as broken economies. The Talent Rich Initiative will empower students from the Far Eastside with the entrepreneurial skills to overcome the cycle of poverty they face daily," states InnoPower CEO Emil Ekiyor.

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