Transporation Week

Celebrating Transportation Week in Warren Township 

In the spirit of Transportation Week, which takes place during the first week of October, Warren Township came together to celebrate the dedication of our extraordinary bus drivers and monitors. 

This joyous occasion is a heartfelt tribute to our everyday heroes who ensure our students reach school safely and return home with smiles.

Watch this inspiring video: [Video Link].

Finding Joy in the Journey:  A Legacy of Dedication at Warren Township Transportation Department

Transportation Week unveils a remarkable family legacy that quietly thrives within the heart of Warren Township Transportation Department. Meet the King family, who has a multigenerational commitment to Eastside. 


Caption : Rhonda King - grandmother, Tania Johnson - granddaughter,  Airell Sanders - granddaughter,  Sheena King- daughter 

Fifteen years ago, Sheena King embarked on her journey with Warren Township. Over the years, her mother, daughter, and niece have joined the Transportation Team as dedicated bus drivers and monitors.

When asked what it is like to come to work every day and see your daughter and grandchildren? Rhonda King said, "I think it's awesome to see them. This is generation after generation. Bring in more if we can!" 

Her daughter and granddaughters couldn't agree more. Sheena King shared, "It's wonderful. It's a blessing."

Through their unwavering love and camaraderie, the King family has provided essential transportation services to Warren Township. Together, they go the extra mile for kids, forging a legacy of dedication that truly exemplifies the spirit of the Pride of the Eastside. 

Wishing a Happy Transportation Week to all our incredible bus drivers, monitors, and the entire transportation team at Porter Services!