Warren Speech Team

Congratulations to the Warren Central High School Speech Team for winning their sectionals on Saturday, February 23rd. Congratulations to Erriy Porter for 6th place in Broadcasting, Naila Teliz for 3rd in Discussion, Evan Shaw for 5th in Discussion, Alaina Allen for 6th in Discussion, Carian Perez and Celeste Edwards for 3rd in Duo Interpretation, Hillary Gordon for 2nd in Humorous Interpretation, Tristan Galan for 3rd in Humorous Interpretation, Katie Stevens for 4th in Humorous Interpretation, Alana Bowman for 1st in Impromtu Speaking, Branson Dao for 3rd in Impromptu Speaking, Kianna Ernst for 6th in Impromptu Speaking, Sklyer Clarkson for 3rd in Informative Speaking, Branson Dao for 1st in International Extemporaneous Speaking, Alaea Bowman for 2nd in Original Oratory, Celeste Edwards for 5th in Original Oratory, Ashley Martin and Skyler Clarkson for 1st in Original Performance, Leah Stoakes for 6th in Poetry Interpretation, Hillary Gordon for 1st in Program Oral Interpretation, Carlan Perez for 2nd in Program Oral Interpretation, Kianna Ernst for 3rd in Program Oral Interpretation, Tristan Galan for 2nd in Prose Interpretation, Ashley Martin for 2nd in Prose Interpretation, Alexa Wildridge for 3rd in Prose Interpretation,  and Riley McIntosh for 3rd in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.